Our bike-packing / ultra-racing hints and tips

Lights Get a dynamo. The resistance from the dynamo hub is so minimal that it's worth getting one. They have the following benefits: You don't have to worry about charging your lightsYou don't have to stop to turn them on in low-light/fog/rain/tunnels you can just ride onYou can charge other stuff as well as your... Continue Reading →

TPR No 1 – Bikes and kit

Bikes We umm'd and ahh'd and umm'd and ahh'd before TCR No7 trying to decide which bikes to take on TPR No1. Once TCR was over it was practically a no-brainer. Our Kinesis ATs performed so well on TCR that both of us were keen to use them again on TPR. All that remained was... Continue Reading →

TPR No 1 – Days 5 to 7

Read about TPR No 1 – Days 1 to 4 here Day 5 Prades to St Girons 203 km, 4398 m elev. gain We’d been a bit nervous about this day when planning our race because St Girons was one of the places where Jim hadn't been able to find a hotel 24 hour reception.... Continue Reading →

TPR No 1 – Days 1 to 4

Day 1 Biarritz to Sabiñánigo 261 km, 4635 m elev. gain We were told to be at Capra Velo ready to go for 4.45 am to be released in waves starting from 5 am. We already knew that the owners Scott and Nicole were total legends from hanging around at the shop after registration the... Continue Reading →

TCR No 7 kit – What worked and what didn’t

Goretex Shakedry jackets - I've probably written about these somewhere else but they really are the best waterproof jackets. You may have heard people say that no waterproof jacket is perfectly waterproof, or you may have said it yourself. From years of mountaineering, getting through many apparently top end water proof jackets, I've said it... Continue Reading →

TCR No 7 – Bikes and kit

The bikes Preparing for a race like TCR involves lots of time spent considering kit options, what to take, which bike to ride, which tyres to use, what bag set up to go for... The choices are endless. Kit and bike set up are very personal choices and no two kit lists are likely to... Continue Reading →

TCR No 7 – Days 13 to 16

Read about TCR No 7 – Days 9 to 12 Day 13 La Côte-Saint-André to Montmarault The day gets off to a bad start as Rach trips on the stairs whilst carrying her bike down from our hotel room. Neither of us is quite sure what happened, but she basically ends up lay on a... Continue Reading →

TCR No 7 – Days 9 to 12

Read about TCR No 7 – Days 5 to 8 Day 9 Merano to Scuol (Switzerland) It’s days like today that make it all worthwhile. Bar the descent from the hotel into Merano we’re climbing straight from the get go, more than once expressing relief that we didn’t try to push on the previous night.... Continue Reading →

TCR No 7 – Days 5 to 8

Read about TCR No 7 – Days 1 to 4 here Day 5 Belgrade to Našice (Croatia) Our late night finish on Day 4 meant we were fairly slow to get going this morning. Yesterday's Alleyvn patch had performed its job admirably, but had come unstuck in the shower before bed. A second patch was... Continue Reading →

TCR No 7 – Days 1 to 4

Day 1 Burgas to Gabrovo It’s funny being out in the city early doors. It's peaceful and empty, except for the TCR-cap-wearing cyclists appearing from all directions, gradually filtering towards the race start. One of the most distinctive sounds of the TCR, and a tell-tale sign of a nearby TCR rider, is the crisp ticking... Continue Reading →

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